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Visit Destin: How to Explore Destin

Destin, Florida is full of fresh saltwater air, emerald waters, and fun, paired with more fun and then accompanied by fresh seafood followed by, that’s right EVEN: more fun. If this sounds like your kind of day, stick around because Destin is the spot for you, and we’ve got a list of all things Destin to prove it.

Places to Visit in Destin Florida

Visit Destin Beaches

Let’s talk beaches. Destin’s got a few, and we have a few favorites. For starters, you have Henderson Beach State Park which is perfect for people who love dunes because this beach has 30 ft high ones, not only that but if you wanted to go off roading, or off beaching rather, Henderson State Park has a three-quarter mile long hiking trail. There’s also Eglin Matterhorn Beach. This particular beach is for people who want nothing more than that, there are no vendors, condos, or loud noises, it’s a no-frills serene area made for a relaxing kind of beach. Another more low-key beach is James Lee Beach, although, unlike its quiet friend this beach provides pavilions. Last on the list of favorite beaches to check out is Blue Mountain Beach, we know what you’re thinking, Florida is flat. How could it be possible? The beach name is a little deceitful, unfortunately, while in Blue Mountain Beach there is no actual mountain however a 65 ft hill of sorts that you have to take stairs to walk down is at this spot. So where did it get its blue name from? The blue lupine flowers that bloom on the hillside. Check out one of these spots and see why life’s a beach.


“Where there’s water there’s fish,” said someone out there somewhere. And this is second on our list of things to see, in the sea, get it? Destin is known for being the luckiest fishing spot so much so that it holds a Destin Fishing Rodeo every year! What fish could you potentially see in this gorgeous sea? The beautiful red drum, cobia, northern snapper, swordfish, spotted sea trout and we’ll spare you the entirety of the list, but it just goes on! Plan a trip on our fishing charter and enjoy the open sea while catching some incredible fish. There’s no visit to Destin without experiencing some of the sea life. If you don’t want to go fishing on your Destin visit, we have seafood restaurants galore.

Water Sports

Again, water just makes everything better, and Destin’s got a lot of it. Swimming in the water is amazing but the water sports options are out of this world, but you’ll feel like you’re in space with the whole buoyancy in water thing. What sports should you try? Well, all of them! We’ve got parasailing for the people who enjoy heights, just sit back relax, and we do the rest. Skiing on land is fun but on water… It’s a whole other animal, take the reins on that jet ski and let it show you what it can do. There’s the pontoon boat, perfect for sitting and cruising. Check out our chartered pontoon boats too! No matter the adventure chosen the outcome will be fun. FYI – this list isn’t comprehensive, we suggest checking out our tours page and finding the best option during your Destin visit.


Destin might be a small fisherman’s town, but it’s still known for its luxury. If you’re interested in shopping until you drop while visiting Destin, we’ve got you covered with a few places to hit up but nothing beats the Destin Commons. This indoor hybrid shopping center has more than 70 retailers, a movie theater, and plenty of restaurants to choose from when you get hungry. Did somebody say grab that credit card? Head over to the Destin Commons, you deserve a little shopping therapy.


Once more the resource of the emerald waters is utilized in a big way when it comes to food, seafood that is. Destin has a plethora of seafood restaurants to go to whenever you’ve tuckered yourself out on the beach. You can check out beautiful Boshamps on the water, enjoy fresh seafood while watching live music, and enjoy a nice summer beverage. Another tasty spot that is a staple embedded in the foundation of Destin is Dewey Destin’s Seafood restaurant. Dewey’s great, great, grandfather founded the town in 1835 after decades of commercial fishing. Dewey and his wife honed in on retail seafood stores and so came about his restaurant. Nothing says the best fresh fish like a fisherman running the restaurant, so you know it’s good. Our last favorite seafood pick has to be Brotula’s, named after the bearded brotula or cusk eel found in Destin’s water and also listed on their menu of course. This restaurant will cook any fish you catch with a hook and cook fee, it’s the perfect place for a day after fishing. All of the restaurants listed will make you happy as a clam no pun intended. So go on and fill up on seafood on your visit to Destin.

Destin HarborWalk Village

The last and most Destin thing you can do of all is go to the Destin HarborWalk Village. This place is basically the town hall of Destin but for fun, where the community gathers for the weekend festivals or even day-to-day. At The HarborWalk Village, you can expect to find shops, restaurants, events, and even activities. The Destin HarborWalk Village has it all. Go to the village you never have to leave when you visit Destin.

Needless to say, if you’re the kind of fun-loving free-spirited person who loves the feeling of freedom, sun-kissed skin, and beachy winds in their hair, Destin is the place for you. Come visit Destin, you’ll never want to leave.