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A Destin Kick Start into The New Year

This year, we want you to start fresh with some sea salt-touched skin and warmer weather. When you’re spending the first month of 2024 in Destin, there’s only one way to be and that is #blessed. The holidays might be over, but the fun of this emerald water town is just beginning. We have a list of activities to prove it.

A List of January Activities in Destin Florida

Baytowne Wharf Farmers Market

Start the new year off with a healthy mindset and healthy purchases. A green mindset starts with some sustainability and supporting small businesses can lead you in the right direction. This event is held at the perfect hour, when you won’t have to wake up too early or go to bed too late, from 10 am to 2 pm. What can be found in the Baytowne Wharf Farmers Market? There, you can find items from the local farmers, and bakers, local fresh seafood and gourmet, beef, local honey, fresh pressed juices and so much more. Go and pick up some New Year treats to share with your friends.

Free Beach Bonfire/SIN Night at Royal Palm Grille

Gone are the days of sneaking out to some rager in the woods for a high school bonfire, if that wasn’t a familiar experience, you’re not missing out on much and you don’t have to because, at the Royal Palm Grille, they hold a free beach bonfire, perfect for those chilly winter nights. Aside from the heat and a gorgeous fire with an oceanside view, you can expect beverages and even smores along with the full Royal Palms menu, which includes items like fried green tomatoes and sushi bowls. This event is for lack of a better word…fire, you don’t want to miss out.

Latin Dancing at Bric a Brac

Head on over for a night of food, music, and passion. At Bric a Brac, you can expect a family-friendly environment with delicious food from everywhere. The owners, Rodolfo and Fernando Petit are from Costa Rica but moved to Destin when they turned 13, and found a love for the emerald coast. Enjoy dishes like their pastalaya and manicotti. The food and environment are great but it’s the Latin night that we’re there for. Held in the upstairs bar at the ripe hour of 11 pm when the kiddos are tucked asleep, you can find an evening of Latin music and dancing like you’ve never experienced. Start off with the family to enjoy dinner and then spend the evening with the adults getting your groove on.

30A Songwriters Festival

If you’ve been to Destin, you might have heard of the scenic 30A.  The 30A Songwriters Festival has been around since 2010 and is co-produced by Russell Carter Artist Management. This is one of those feel-good-about-yourself events because it’s a huge fundraiser for CAA. The 30A Songwriters Festival holds both up-and-coming and established musicians. Over 175 artists perform during this four-day event within 30 different venues strung along multiple locations within the 30A. Among other talented artists, this year’s headliners for 2024 are Jeff Tweedy, Elvis Costello & The Imposters, Rosanne Cash, Grace Potter, Rodney Crowell, and KT Tunstall. Come and enjoy the musical festivities along with your favorite artists while adding some new ones to your list.

T-Rex Island Adventure Golf

If January doesn’t make you think about dinosaurs, what are you thinking? Ok maybe it’s not the most common association with new beginnings but hear us out. Dinosaurs went extinct and it made room for new beginnings and in that way, it is very loosely tied to the new year of January. With that being said, why are we trying to sell you on dinosaurs? The Wild Willy’s Adventure Zone, that’s why. There’s a special place where you can both play golf and hang out with animatronic dinosaurs at their 18-hole spectacular, the T-Rex Island Adventure Golf. If that gets boring, make sure to check out any of the other wild adventures Willy has to offer.


With a name so elegant you have to wonder what this event is showcasing. Sinfonia is the Italian word for symphony and as you can imagine there will be music! The show is titled Crescendo!: A Cultural & Culinary Extravaganza and is a three-day annual fundraiser. What can you expect there? A combination of culture, cuisine, and community giving. January begins the festivities off with Crescendo! Kick-Off Lunch at Bijoux Restaurant. Enjoy an incredible lunch by chef Jack McGuckin. This is the kind of event to drink wine, laugh, and enjoy time with friends and family. Enjoy what this modern-day symphony has to offer.

Pontoon Boating

It’s the time of the year where the air is crisp and the skies are blue. This, our new year friends, is the perfect time to sail the open seas … or pontoon your way around the gulf. Why is this the perfect time of the year to pontoon? During the cooler months, you can expect calmer waters, less traffic, and more options for docking. While cruising on one of our spacious pontoons you can expect comfortable seating, a sun deck, and plenty of beautiful views. Come on by and spend the day fishing, shelling or just chilling out.

Spend the first month of this year exploring all that Destin, Florida has to offer. Make this list of adventures the first of many.