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30A Destin, FL: Watersports & Scenic Routes

Unless you’re a regular in Destin, and even if you are, you might not realize the significance of Florida’s 30A. The story goes like this: The original 30A started at Sweet Home Alabama’s state line at 283 East, going just past Florida’s “Big Bend.” When Florida’s Department of Transportation began working along the roads again after a bit of a change in the 1970s, quite a few state roads became no more. That being said, what was known as the original Old State Rd 30 is mostly paved over by US Highway 98 or various other names, including a particularly stunning stretch they named the Scenic Highway. The significance of 30A, which longtime residents and those in the know will still refer to today, is in the faint of the small-town beach life and taking it easy alongside a route that may be longer but well worth its beauty. So where should you stop along Florida’s 30A when visiting Destin, FL? We’ve got the list for you.

A Guide to Florida’s 30A


Let’s start you off with a good hearty breakfast along 30A. Not to worry, we wouldn’t send you to your average diner, which is why we’ve brought you here. Cracklings is all about authenticity. At this restaurant, you’re met with the quality of its ingredients and the taste that comes with it. Cracklings also knows service – they’ve been in the industry since 1998. What will your taste buds be met with while there? Well, for starters, they’ve got a cinnamon roll that’s killer. One of their most popular items is a child of the beignet and croissant; they call it a crossignet. Their bananas foster will have you second-guess every Belgian waffle and French toast you’ve ever had. Needless to say, this spot brings it with flavor.

The Track

While on the topic of a track, in reference to the 30A, why not bring in some fun driving activities? The Track in Destin, FL, is a heaping amount of fun and welcomes people of all ages. Do you have the need for speed? Dream of being a NASCAR racer? Well, The Track is perfect for you! There are 5 different tracks to choose from based on age and route, and after choosing, you get to take that go-kart out and show your crew who knows how to take the wheel. If you’re not in the mood for a race, The Track also has a Thrill Zone that is filled with “thrilling” rides like roller coasters, a Sky Flyer, and a spinning coaster. There’s nothing like some time at a theme park to put you into vacation mode.

East Pass Coffee Co.

During your 30A journey, you might need a nice pick-me-up on the way, that’s where East Pass Coffee Co. comes in. The East Pass Coffee Co. was started by three friends who doubled as coffee fanatics. They started pretty small in a trailer and moved into their adorable storefront with the best coffee beans around. Here, you can get your classic flat white, Americano, cappuccino, or espresso. If you’re not a coffee person, they have tea options too that hit just as hard. Aside from the distinct flavor of their coffee, the East Pass Coffee Co. has unique flavors that bring both tourists and regulars coming back, like their sweet cream coffee and their German chocolate cake. Stop in for coffee or hang out and enjoy an acai bowl.

HarborWalk Village

Another stop off the 30A is a classic stop for Destiners and visitors alike. HarborWalk Village is the center of events and shops for Destin, and aside from its overall adorable aesthetic, it also serves as a great place for festivals. What kind of festivals? Anything from silent discos to Sparks on the Harbor, which, as you might imagine, involves a cool light show with fireworks. They even host a tribute to Mardi Gras with their Fat Tuesday parades. So stop over there for the food, the shopping, amusements, or check their calendar to see what events they have going on.

Sugarland Candy, Ice Cream & Coffee

Vacation is for two things: relaxing and spoiling yourself, which in our book means inhaling all the sweets you can find. At Sugarland Candy, Ice Cream & Coffee Shop, you can find 44 flavors of premium ice cream, and that’s not the only sweets they’re handing out; they’ve got candied popcorn and actual candy. It’s just the stop to fulfill your summery sweet tooth, and just in case you’re already in need of another coffee, they do a good brew too. Head over to the Willy Wonka of Florida.

Destin Water Fun

And now to the most important spot on the 30A, Destin Water Fun! Come to the spot where humans and fun at sea have no barriers. At Destin Water Fun, we want you to have all the options possible for ways to play on the open sea, whether it be to speed across the water on your own wave runner or jet ski or fly above the water by parasail; your fun is our command. Heck, spend a day on our Destin pontoon boat rentals (we now have chartered pontoon boats as well!) and you’ll never want to leave. The options are as vast as the Gulf. Check out our page to see what sea vibe matches your energy.