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Fall in Destin: Don’t Sweat the Fall Stuff

Ah, you can feel it in the air. The leaves have fallen, the breeze is crisp, and the sun is setting in an orangey glow. Could it be? Why yes, it’s fall, people, and it’s time to whip out those sweaters, and your favorite leggings and get to all the festivities that make us think of fall. Can’t think of any? No problem, we’ve got you covered. If you’re in the warm and cozy climate of Destin for your fall break, we’ve got just the places for you and your group to visit.

What To Do During the Fall

The Pals Coffee House Pumpkin Spice Latte

Fall brings many festive memories to mind, but one that we all truly cherish is the pumpkin spice latte. If it’s fall, you can count on the joy of wearing your cute little, comfy getup to take a gander over to a cute little coffee shop in your cute comfy shoes made for comfort to sip on a warm, soothing drink for that feel-good fall activity. At The Pals Coffee House, you’re getting more than just decor; although it goes without saying this spot is a home decor admirer’s dream and comes with all the bells and whistles. Cute plants, furniture, and the scent of sweet, sweet coffee. The Pals Coffee House has aesthetics that show they’re serving more than coffee. If you’re not into pumpkin spice, we’re not here to judge; they have plenty of other options, including food. Before heading off into the wonderland of fall-fueled activities, get your daily fix to seize the day.

Holland Farms

If you could think of your favorite orange fruit for the fall season, that some might even deem the mascot of fall what would it be? If it was anything other than a pumpkin, while we respect everyone’s differences, you would be incorrect. We’re talking pumpkins. This stop is a journey to find the most precious pumpkin on a pumpkin-picking adventure. At The Holland Farm Pumpkin Patch, you, of course, get the pumpkin of your dreams, however, it’s more than just pumpkin picking. You can expect tractor rides, corn mazes, zip lines, petting zoos, and even vendors! Not into a field full of pumpkins? How about sunflowers? They have those too. The Holland Farms Pumpkin Patch is a time to remember and the perfect fall activity.

Destin Gift Garden

Did someone say, “I just want to find some ‘little trinkets’ to go with my cute little fall outfit?” Well, we’ve got just the spot! Destin Gift Garden is truly a garden of gifts, an assortment of cuteness to sift through and admire or buy. What kinds of items are in this shop? At the Destin Gift Garden, you can find beach-themed lollipops that might as well be art. We’ve mentioned pumpkin spice lattes, but what about a latte you could keep for an eternity? Or just until the candle goes out, we suppose we’ve spoiled the fun there, but yes, we’re talking about Starbucks candles. Did someone say “adorable?” Has your skin been arid with all this dry weather? Try their rainbow-colored body whip. The Destin Gift Garden also has jewelry and clothing for those who appreciate a good sense of fashion. Lastly, as if this place couldn’t get any cuter, there’s a bakery to make up for all the baked goods and candles that you can’t eat.

Emerald Coast Destin Wine Cellars

Nothing beats the fall season like a nice glass of wine; how about making a day of it, like wine tasting, you may ask? Why yes. We know what you’re thinking, “Say no more.”  At the Emerald Coast Destin Wine Cellars, they’ve been providing delicious homegrown wines since 2001. This winery has received plenty of awards for its unique Emerald Coast flavor. If wine, a beautiful view, and award-winning flavor aren’t enough, then maybe their complimentary wine tasting offered seven days a week will appeal to you. You can find the perfect wine for your taste buds and enjoy the journey along the way.

Beach Fire Pit

While it might not be as cold in Destin as in other places during the fall, the night air is chilly enough to make a beach fire pit heaven on earth during the low-temperature evenings. If you’re concerned about your fire-making skills, we’re here to say, don’t be. The Royal Palm Grille does all the labor for you. What could be better than a fire on a sandy shore? Let’s start with food; on the menu for this scenic beach adventure, there are sandwiches, sushi, s’mores, and more! Last but not least, for all you 21 and over folks, there’s a nice selection of domestic beer to choose from at a steal of a price. You can enjoy an evening so lit there’s actual fire!

Pontoon Boating

The last and perhaps the most luxurious and scenic thing you can do during the fall is a chartered pontoon boat ride. Enjoy the reflection of the fall colors with the wind in your hair. With a combination of fall colors and calmer waters, it makes fall the best time for a chartered pontoon rental. What can you expect on a charter boat? We’re glad you asked. While pontoon boating, you get your very own licensed captain, boat toys, and a Bluetooth speaker to play your favorite fall classics. Not only do you get all these amazing amenities, but every trip also includes a dolphin tour, where you get to say hi to our favorite sea creatures. If you or someone you know just got engaged, check out our bachelorette packages. Come on the fall trip that will have you saying, “It’s a pirate’s life for me.”

Pick one of the many fall adventures listed or choose them all and enjoy the magic of beauti-fall.