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Turn That Frown Upside Down With Destin’s FlavorTown

W white plate topped with a sushi roll After spending the day at Crab Island and chowing down on those food vendors you’re bound to get hungry again, and we don’t blame you, around here we’re always hungry for more! Destin is mostly known for its tourist trap food spots that showcase many of the same kinds of overpriced fish with their run-of-the-mill flavor. That's not something for you, don’t bore your taste buds with a broken record of flavors. That’s why we’ve brought to you FlavorTown! Is this an actual part of Destin you may ask? Nope, but that’s what we call our list of Destin’s hidden food gems that will provide a flavor most people will only dream of. Best Food Spots for After Crab Island Jackacuda’s in Destin I know we just mentioned not bringing the same old boring Florida fish into the list but we promise that while this place may be all about fish, it’s cut from a different cloth. Let’s start with the history, it all starts with a tale as old as time, well as old as the 1980s, the Tenneco 80, not to be confused with the vacuum Tineco 80, was an artificial reef in the Gulf of Mexico that... Read More