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Destin Water Fun is the Panhandle’s
Premier Destination for WATERsports!

We have you covered for all of your water fun! Call us now for availability and ask about our discounts for Armed Services & Law Enforcement!

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Destin Family Vacation

family on the beach during the sunset So, you and your family finally have the opportunity to spend some time together. First of all, get excited because this is going to be the time of your life! Secondly, deciding on a Destin family vacation is the right choice. It's the place where families go to reconnect and relax. With an area that has so much to do, knowing where to go can be challenging. But fear not, vacation goer, we've got you covered. The Best Things to Do on A Destin Family Vacation: Double Decker Pontoon Boat Gather your family and rent one of our double-decker pontoon boats. Perfect for both small and large families, due to all of the extra space and of course, because of the slide, which makes renting the double-decker worth it regardless of your family size. The kids will love it. Destin’s One of a Kind Experience: Gulfarium This one's for the animal lovers out there! Picture an aquarium on the beach. We know you didn't think such a thing was possible, but it is. Aside from looking at all the adorable creatures, there are plenty of interactive things to do with sea life. You can go on one of its many... Read More