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Destin Water Fun is the Panhandle’s
Premier Destination for WATERsports!

We have you covered for all of your water fun! Call us now for availability and ask about our discounts for Armed Services & Law Enforcement!

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Get Festive in Destin

festival destin Festivals are all about an event that is celebrated by the community. Historically festivals were for celebrating gods or saints. Today the basis is still community-driven but the center of the celebration is more about what we humans enjoy and choose to celebrate. Destin has plenty of fun activities, including pontoon boats and jet skis. But, If you’re looking for more reasons to visit Destin, FL, why not embed yourself in their community by attending one of their many festivals? Here are the top 10 festivals in Destin, FL Smokin in the panhandle - August 23, 2023 Have you ever wanted your Tony soprano moment? Not in the mob-style way that will put you in prison sense silly, just for the fancy cigars in your robe experience. Although the robe is optional this fest does provide plenty of cigars! The Smokin' In The Panhandle Festival is hosted at a few choice venues, some included are; Navarre Cigars, Navarre beach, and the Library Cigar Lounge. This festival will have both food and drinks provided by local restaurants. If all of this wasn't enough to sell you on, the proceeds are given to charity. You get to have fun and even give... Read More