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Destin Bachelorette Party: Wedding Rings & Destin Things

Ladies, it’s time to leave your partner at home and celebrate this upcoming lifetime commitment. That’s right, we’re talking about a Destin bachelorette party of a lifetime! Here at Destin Water Fun, we would like to formally congratulate you on finding that special mate. We’ve got the perfect fun-fueled activities that will make your soon-to-be partner wish they were there!

Things to Do During Your Destin Bachelorette Party Trip

Surf Lessons at Ride On

Surf’s up! You and the crew get to live out a scene from the Blue Crush movie while being the surfer you’ve always wanted to be. Grab that wetsuit and catch a clean wave. Ride On is perfect for anyone who knows how to swim, which means you don’t have to be a pro or even have any balance for them to teach you how to ride a wave. Just head on over with your group, and they’ll handle the rest. You and your Destin bachelorette party guests will be pros in no time!

Sandcastle Team Building

We’re bringing you more beach activities, because any beach trip can be spent lounging on the sand, but this Destin bachelorette party trip is different – a time to remember, which is why we’re going to have you making your mark in the sand. We know what you’re thinking – sandcastles are for babies. Well, not these. Consider this sandcastle-making more of a sculpture created with Earth’s natural beach clay. So, what do you learn exactly? You will learn professional sculpting techniques, including what tools to use, how to use the tools, and how much water is necessary for your sculpture. And not to worry about making any mistakes during your two hours of lessons; you will be mentored throughout the entirety of the artmaking. In the end, your sandcastle will stand 3 and a half feet tall, which is the perfect height for Instagram photos.

Axe Throwing at Axes and Ice Cream

This activity is great for a Destin bachelorette party, but also for if any of your party is going through a breakup and needs to let out a little aggression. At Axes and Ice Cream, you get to be a bit of a Sour Patch Kid, doing both all the sweet things and getting a bit of release with none other than a dangerous weapon. Let’s start by discussing the sweet – their delicious ice cream: there are over 24 flavors, and you can put any of them in between a cookie or doughnut, or even just a regular-style cone, and what’s more, there are toppings – who doesn’t love some rainbow sprinkles? Now for the added sour fun – the axes. Choose an axe that feels right and throw it into the bullseye. Simple as that. See which one of your bridesmaids would survive in a Viking war while fueling up on everyone’s favorite ice cream treat.

The Grotto Bar

If there’s something all bachelorette parties need, it’s a bar and a nice pool to swim and cool off in. The Grotto Bar is inside the Island Resort and is open from both morning and night. Here you can expect a sparkling pool with a beachy island aesthetic. The cave-like bar top allows you to order a drink while never leaving the water. This place was made for gossiping and celebrating while getting your tan on.

Escape Zone

This next spot is perfect for all the low-key detectives in the crew and might be a good indicator of how well your bachelorette party guests would do in a National Treasure situation. How does it work? Pick which adventure you want to get into and then discover clues to find your way out of a locked room. By the end, you’ll know which bridesmaid to take with you for the end of the world.

Uncle Buck’s FishBowl and Grill

Nothing says fun like a bowling alley designed like an aquarium, and once you and your bachelorette party get there, it will have you acting like a fish out of water, but in a fun way. These lanes can hold 6-8 people but might as well fit an entire ocean because the space itself is huge. We all know bowling can get a little competitive, and with that competition can bring a bit of hunger, not to worry – they have food too, and it’s good. The menu has tasty items like the grilled grouper sandwich and the blackened bleu cheeseburger. Last and most important, this bowling alley has adult beverages, which involve plenty of tropical and delicious options, but for the festivities, we suggest the fishbowl. Come and get your bowl on.

Chartered Destin Pontoon Boat Rental

The last and most fun is getting a chartered pontoon boat with a captain. Destin Water Fun knows how to make your special moment extraordinary. This vacation is for you, which is why we have a package dedicated to bachelorette parties. What can you get with our bachelorette packages? Picture those adorable floating rings that you’ve most likely seen all over Instagram – yeah, we’ve got that. What about ring drink holders to match? We’ve got that too! Add a sign and some lei necklaces, and that’s just our basic package. Upgrade to a theme package, and you and the group can spend the day being disco rodeo queens or just really embrace the nautical vibe of being on your own private boat. If this all isn’t enough, we also have add-ons for one-of-a-kind custom koozies or shirts, something to memorialize the trip with. When it comes to celebrating, we know what we’re doing, and there’s nothing better than a ride on the emerald waters of Destin. Check out our site to see which themed package you want to choose from and prepare for the trip of a lifetime!