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Destin Family Vacation

So, you and your family finally have the opportunity to spend some time together. First of all, get excited because this is going to be the time of your life! Secondly, deciding on a Destin family vacation is the right choice. It’s the place where families go to reconnect and relax. With an area that has so much to do, knowing where to go can be challenging. But fear not, vacation goer, we’ve got you covered.

The Best Things to Do on A Destin Family Vacation:

Double Decker Pontoon Boat

Gather your family and rent one of our double-decker pontoon boats. Perfect for both small and large families, due to all of the extra space and of course, because of the slide, which makes renting the double-decker worth it regardless of your family size. The kids will love it.

Destin’s One of a Kind Experience: Gulfarium

This one’s for the animal lovers out there! Picture an aquarium on the beach. We know you didn’t think such a thing was possible, but it is. Aside from looking at all the adorable creatures, there are plenty of interactive things to do with sea life. You can go on one of its many encounters and come up close and personal with reptiles, stingrays, and dolphins galore. This place isn’t just about viewing the cuteness of ocean life; it’s also educational. Be prepared to be informed! Whether you come for the education or the animals, you and your family will enjoy it either way.

Destin Beaches

If you’re in Destin, Florida, one of the most notable places to visit is the beach, of course! Make a day of it and visit Henderson State Park, Crystal Sands, or Jetty East. Utilize your vacation to bask in the sun while the little ones make sandcastles or play a game of hacky sack, volleyball, or any game you can think of, just in the soft sand and all with a view of the emerald water. Have everyone bring their floaties and glide along the shoreline. When there’s a sandy white beach available, the possibilities are endless.

Maximum Magic Show

This next one’s magical because it’s all about tricks, magic ones, of course. This unique venue opened in 2018 and is operated and performed by award-winning illusionists Noah and Heather Wells. What can you expect when you’re there? Well, not only is there magic and hypnosis involved, but there’s also a little bit of comedy thrown in. Whether you go to laugh or be amazed, this place will entertain your most picky family member.

Gator Beach

This spot is dinner and a show, but not your average kind. This show has to do with our favorite reptile friends, alligators. Gator Beach is located alongside the Fudpucker’s restaurant, and while you do need to pay for the food as you would at any restaurant, The Gator Park is free! What can you expect there? For starters, there are hundreds of gators that if you’re feeling brave, you can feed. If you’re not interested in feeding the gators, you can simply hold the little guys and post it on the gram for your friends. And if you’ve ever wanted to see baby gators, they have those too. Enjoy your meal at Fudpucker’s and then make your way over to Gator Beach to catch a free gator show!

The Track Family Recreation Center

Has your tiny toddler ever challenged you to a race? Or maybe even your beloved partner? But you thought, how could I possibly do that without a NASCAR? Okay, maybe something that specific has yet to occur, but the point is, at The Track Family Recreation Center, you get to go speedy Gonzales with your family. If you’re worried about variety, don’t be concerned here. They have quite a few tracks to choose from, including a kiddie-kart option for the young ones. And if go-kart racing isn’t your thing, they also have arcades and rides. This is the perfect place to get competitive with the family.

Destin History and Fishing Museum

Do we have any fishers in the crowd? Well, we’re hoping so because Destin is known for being the luckiest fishing village, after all. The Destin History and Fishing Museum pretty much explains itself in the name, but what can you expect while you’re there? Destin has a yearly fishing rodeo competition, and in this museum, there is a gallery dedicated to telling its story. You can also explore the Destin Scuba Diving Exhibit, which explores the history of scuba diving in Destin. This last one is most popular among kids – it’s a wall with over 100 mounted fish!


Last but not least, we want you and your family to experience new heights. Parasailing in Destin is the closest you can get to flying! Not only is the experience a breeze, but it’s also all the fun of a roller coaster without the fear. A day spent sitting back, relaxing, and seeing your neighborly birds in the sky is one well spent. Not only do all these things have benefits, but you can also catch a glimpse of sea creatures with your aerial view from above.

Nothing says family like a vacation to the emerald waters of Destin. Grab those bathing suits and get excited! You’re going on a family vacation, baby!