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Destin Boat Rentals: How to Rent a Boat and What to Do While There

Destin Boat Rental Must: Know the Size of Your Group

When planning a water adventure, the first step is to determine how many people will be joining you or how many people you would like to be around for that matter. Consider the vibe you want for your adventure: a group fiesta or a group siesta. This is important not only for choosing the activities but also for determining the number of boats you might need. So, that flaky friend who always decides at the last minute, even when given months in advance notice, needs to get it together! Get that headcount. You will need it to determine what kind of boat you need, whether it’s a pontoon boat, a chartered pontoon (or two), or our Crab Island Runner.

Decide on the Duration for Tour Destin Boat Rental

Another factor to consider when renting a boat is how long you want to be out on the water. Not all trips are the same, although they’re all fun. Sometimes you may prefer a quick boat ride, while other times you may want to spend the entire day like a pirate, exploring the seven seas. Take into account your schedule and the schedules of your fellow boat-goers. Determine whether a full day sounds enticing or if you prefer a short excursion.

Personalize the Experience: Choose the Right Boat in Destin

Now that you have the prerequisites for acquiring your boat, it’s important to personalize the experience and select the right boat for you.

Destin Pontoon Boat

The number of people will come in handy when considering a pontoon boat. Pontoon boats are perfect for accommodating big groups. Why choose a pontoon over a regular boat? Firstly, pontoon boats are spacious, whether you’re filling them up with friends, family, or both. Additionally, they provide ample room to move around if that’s your thing. Another great reason to consider a pontoon is the possibility of renting a double-decker pontoon with a slide! Who needs to climb in and out of a boat when you can slide your way into the ocean? Last but not least, this boat offers a secluded paradise for you and your crew, ensuring no “new friends”, as Drake would say, or strangers intrude. You can operate the boat yourself, or you can check out our new chartered pontoon boat option, perfect for bachelorette parties.

Charter Fishing

Back to daytime activities with charter fishing. If you and your crew are avid fishers, you may not be familiar with the best fishing spots. Let the captain of the fishing charter boat worry about where to set up for the most successful catch. Another enjoyable aspect of renting a charter fishing boat is having a knowledgeable crew with you who can provide insights into the local fishing regulations and the types of fish you’re likely to catch.

Island Runner Fireworks Cruise

Let’s say your crew isn’t that big, and you’re open to meeting new people. These two factors are important for this type of boat, but there’s more to it. Not only do you get to socialize and explore new places, but this cruise is specifically designed for evenings, making it the perfect choice for nighttime activities. As the name suggests, this boat is all about the light show: fireworks! Consider it a boat ride and a show combined. Bring a friend or a date and prepare to be amazed!

Crab Island Runner

This boat is for all you adventurers, although it can be said that all boats are made for adventure, which is true. In the case of this particular boat, it’s all about the adventure of a sandbar. We understand that the name is misleading, and you may have thought there was an actual island involved. To be fair, what used to be an island is now a sandbar, but it’s equally fun and full of life, if not more so. Today, Crab Island is a popular spot for tourists to gather by boat and have a great time. Don’t worry about getting hungry; they usually have boat vendors offering a variety of snacks, but remember to bring cash.

No matter which type of boat you choose to rent, one thing is certain – you’re in for a good time! Whether you opt for a boat with other people or a leisurely pontoon boat, the experience will be memorable. With such a variety of options, why not try them all? Regardless of your choice, the green waters, fresh air, and freedom to explore will undoubtedly create lasting memories and a sense of relaxation. So, set sail – metaphorically, of course – and embark on your maritime journey. Let the boat you rent become the vessel for unforgettable experiences and endless enjoyment on the water.