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Our new state of the art parasailing boat “The SkyScraper” has a flawless safety record. The SkyScraper is our state of the art, Coast Guard Approved CWS Ocean Pro parasail vessel. Parasail season in Destin is here! Come parasail on the newest & safest parasailing boat in Destin!

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The weather is warming up and it’s the best time of the year to go parasailing in Destin! Destin Parasailing Prices are on sale now! Call today and book your Destin parasail flight! Xtreme H2O Sports is your Spring Break HQ For Destin Parasailing! We offer high resolution parasail pictures images, not point and shoot cell phone cameras.

  1. Will I get wet while parasailing in Destin??
    Not if you don’t want to. Our masterful captain can even simply dip your toes if that’s all you want.
  2. Where do we parasail in Destin?
    We always prefer to parasail in the gulf. If bad weather or conditions exist in the Gulf – we head to the calmer waters of the bay. There is so much to see in both places.
  3. Will I see dolphins on our parasail trip?
    It’s safe to say we see dolphins every day. Either on our dock, or during your parasail flight, there is a very high chance you will get to see dolphins.
  4. How much rope do you let out when parasailing?
    We winch out around 800′ of rope which puts you at 400′ above the Destin waters. Don’t be fooled by imitations and false advertising – it’s illegal to let out any more rope or fly you any higher!
  5. I’m scared of heights!
    The scariest part of the parasail trip is the unknown. There’s zero to be afraid of. Since you are secured safely, your brain never triggers that feeling of looking down from a tall building. It’s so quiet and relaxing, once your rear end leaves the boat it’s smooth sailing.
  6. Is there an age and weight limit to Parasail?
    We need our parasail fliers to be at least 6 years old so they can respond to our commands. If you are under 18 you must have a parent/guardian sign the parasail release form before flying. Maximum weight limit to go parasailing is 500lbs. Minimum weight depends on the conditions and is always the Captains final call – he knows best.
  7. What should I bring/wear to go Parasailing?
    Wear your flip flops, sun glasses, sun screen and bring a towel. That’s about all you need! You can bring a camera up with you, but we aren’t responsible for it being damaged or dropped. Absolutely NO smoking on the boat! Anything you bring onto the boat, please take off of the boat with you!

Tour Details

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Tour Safety:
Pursuant to section 327.54, Florida Statutes, only a licensed livery operator may give safety instructions on the operation of a vessel. Due to staffing, we are unable to provide safety instruction in languages other than English at this time, nor can we permit members of the public to translate for guests. Thank you for your understanding.