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Christmas Eve: A Destin Series, Unwrapped

It Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a little vacation bird frolicking around Destin, Florida. It’s everyone’s favorite night of anticipation, the Eve before we get to the good part, although let’s be honest here, all the parts about Christmas are in full spirit. After all, Christmas is what created those token home decor quotes that read “joy”, “merry” and “peace” because that’s what Christmas brings. Although Santa can most often be found at the North Pole, this year he’s taking a vacation and you are too, all the way to sunny Florida, within the emerald waters of Destin.

Where to go this Christmas Eve? We’ve made a list and we’re hoping you’ll check it twice.

Best Places to Go on Christmas Eve In Destin, Florida

Sunday Brunch at Soleil

Start your eve off right with some food and bottomless mimosas at Soleil. Go over and chow down on some coastal modern cuisine with an ocean view. The giant windows and modern decor with a homey finish make you feel like you have popped on over to your fanciest friend’s house for the holidays. The day before Christmas should be just as relaxing as the main event. While at Soleil, you will have food options like blueberry cobbler muffins, a large variety of omelets, pancakes, or even French toast. With a heavy morning of eating you can count on there being coffee and you bet it’s as good as the food. Spend the morning of Christmas Eve with a jolly belly.

Candy Cane Lane in Destin

There are plenty of foods that make you think of Christmas, but one of the most popular is the cane kind. Not your grandpa’s kind of cane, the candy kind. At Candy Cane Lane in Destin, you can anticipate a neighborhood filled with cheer and a merry atmosphere where blocks of homes dedicated their time to turn their houses into a winter wonderland. Take a stroll down the wondrous Sea Oats Drive, Destin, and see the magic for yourself.

Jolly Jubilee

What’s that? Is it music to your ears? Why yes, this Jolly Jubilee will be held at the Destin Commons. The event will be atop the brand-new lawn area at Center Plaza. Enjoy the experience of talented Christmas carolers and grandiose holiday decor. What to expect while there? Christmas carolers, as mentioned of course, and just to spice things up some other performances as well. While at the Center Plaza, you get to feast your eyes on the stunning 50-foot tree. We hope that you’re wearing your most special Christmas get-up for this one because the Santa sleigh will be set up for the perfect Christmas photo op. When you’re done, you can do some last-minute shopping at the place rated number one by Emerald Coast Magazine, Destin Commons shopping is the perfect after-Jolly Jubilee activity for delicious food and personalized gifts.


We know everyone loves listening to Christmas tunes, but what about singing them? At the Good Vibes Bar. When the sun sets on the sandy beaches of Destin and Santas packing his slay is when a Good Vibes Bar kicks off its most magical performance starting at 7 pm. Belt out your favorite Christmas tunes with old friends before spending the next day in a stuffy house full of family members you might not want to see, or bring them along! Either way, you can be sure to enjoy one of the many delicious cocktails, like their nine-ounce bowl filled with your choice of Navajo Punch, Good Vibes Iced Tea, or a Margarita. If that doesn’t suit you, consider ordering the 64-ounce Lagoon option. With an outdoor tiki bar like Good Vibes, you can bet your Christmas Eve vibe to be good.

Marina Cafe Happy Hour

You’ll never truly be as happy as you can be during a happy hour. That’s why we’re combining dinner with deals at the Marina Cafe happy hour where the happiness starts at 5. At the happiest of all hours, you can expect wine, martinis, cocktails, domestic beers, and special prices on appetizers. Marina Cafe is known for its exceptional service, fresh seafood, and outstanding views. While dining there, you can expect the menu to offer items like tempura redfish, grilled Maine lobster tail, and crispy fried calamari. Enjoy the luxury of not having to put all the effort into making food and enjoy being catered to this Christmas Eve. Make sure not to skip out on dessert it will be worth it.

Pontoon Boating

Last, but not least, we’re going to need you to grab your Santa hats and hop on that water for an excursion made for Santa’s helpers AKA. you. The old Santa sleigh is a thing of the past, let’s give those reindeer a break and upgrade to a pontoon boat. Enjoy the smooth ride on our 2020 & 2021 Crest & Avalon Pontoons and spend the day snorkeling, fishing, and even shell collecting. Bring your Bluetooth speaker and sing along to your holiday favorites. A holiday boat outing always comes with the Christmas spirit.

Destin invites you to enjoy every moment of Yuletide joy. The warm coastal breeze, Christmas Eve in Destin is a blend of coastal charm and holiday magic. Embrace the spirit of the season, create cherished memories, and let the enchantment of Destin make your Christmas Eve an experience to remember.