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Halloween in Destin

Destin’s Creepin’ It Real: A Halloween guide

It’s every great pretender’s favorite time of the year when you get to be whoever you want to be for one special day. Thankfully, although Halloween is its own designated day, the celebration happens month-round. Call it an amuse-bouche for the main event. Whether you’ve come to Destin, Florida, in preparation for the day of Halloween or for the days prior, we have a whole list of spooky fun to kick off your Halloween-themed activities.

Things To Do for Halloween in Destin, FL

McGuire’s of Destin Halloween Run

On the list of activities for the spooky season, running for your life is up there, out of fear of the monsters chasing you! Or just for a McGuire’s of Destin Halloween Run, where people have been running from their commitments for 23 years. Just kidding of course, but you can expect a heavy dose of committing to a run, although we use the term commitment loosely. If there’s one part the Irish play on Halloween in America, it’s how to have a good time, and at McGuire’s Irish Pub, not only do they want you to meet that cardio goal, but they want you to celebrate while doing it. What can you expect at this run? A 5K to 10K run or walk (you choose) which includes a free breakfast beforehand and a post-race party to celebrate with drinks, food, and music. Live ghostly season like an athlete and join in on the fun.

The Luberto’s Halloween Costume Party

Picture this: it’s Halloween, and you’re visiting Destin, Florida. Have you considered enjoying the festivities on the beach or long to know what the locals are doing this time of the year? Maybe you’re tired of hitting up the same bars? Consider no more! At the Kuberto’s Halloween Costume Party, they have that local ghoul-fueled experience you’re looking for. What to expect while there? It might be easier to ask what not to expect. Costumes, monsters, goblins, prizes, the beach! Go, anticipating fun and see who in your group is best dressed!

Planetarium Special Feature: Spooky Secrets of the Stars

Some convivial events are written in the stars, particularly ones where stars are their specialty. At the Planetarium Special Feature: Spooky Secrets of the Stars, it’s Halloween meets the planets. Aside from star talk, what will happen here? The invitation asks that you come in costume with treats to snack on and to prepare to be scared, for the evening will be filled with stories shared around an inflatable, dome-like planetarium, telling tales of werewolves, vampires, and monsters, inspired by the planets and moons. When does the party start? From 5 or 6 pm, lasting about 45 minutes of Halloween-style fun. Tickets are of the limited variety, be sure to get them ASAP to enjoy the show!

Mooba Mash | Halloween Event

An event so adorably named, it’s a must to go to. If you love boba tea, adorable atmospheres, and Halloween, this event is pure spookfection. At Mooba Mash, you can expect to go ham on some boba, candy, and actual food. This themed party doesn’t stop there; there will be scary movies playing in the background and fun inflatables to enjoy. The Mooba Mash is the perfect activity for both children and adults.

Candlelight: A Haunted Evening of Halloween Classics

Spooky wouldn’t exist without candles, which is why an event whose sole basis revolves around its candlelit atmosphere is a little slice of heaven on Halloween. At Candlelight: A Haunted Evening of Halloween Classics, you get the elegance of a concert with the theme of your favorite holiday. Enjoy what they describe as a multisensory show. Go and enjoy a sensational performance by the Lisztso String Quartet, who will be playing Halloween classics like “Thriller” and the “Ghostbusters” theme song. If you’re going for the aesthetic or the show, it’s truly an experience worth your viewing.

Rocky Horror Murder Mystery at AJ’s on the Bayou

Have you ever clocked the bad guy in a movie from the very beginning and thought, “I should be a detective”? Well, here’s your chance. At the Rocky Horror Murder Mystery at AJ’s on the Bayou, enjoy a dinner that’s to die for, almost literally, because it comes with a murder that you get to solve, but not to worry, it’s all pretend. The theme is Rocky Horror, of course, and what else can you expect? At the dinner party, there will be actors, clues, and some character motives to keep you guessing. Pair that with a little bit of humor, and you have yourself a ball or a murder mystery party. The only requirements are to go in your favorite Rocky attire and enjoy.


No, we’re not talking about that nasty little thing your cat just puked up; we’re talking about the ’80s, and we all know when it comes to the ’80s, hair was crucial. What makes this event so entertaining that it’s been going on for 20 years?! Rock and roll, baby! Nothing is more metal than Halloween, and pair that with rock stars like Van Halen, Kiss, and Mötley Crüe, and you’ve got yourself the event of a lifetime. Go and join the concert of the year.

Destin Pontoon Boating

Last on our list, we’re going out with a bang! With only about 70 percent of the ocean having been explored, you can imagine the sea comes with a bit of mystique, maybe even a bit of spook, with all those mysterious deep-sea creatures. This is why Halloween plus the Gulf equals the perfect holiday. The pontoon boat experience at Destin Water Fun provides comfortable seating, Bluetooth speakers to blast the monster mash, and a nice sundeck to people-watch and relax on. Take a pontoon outing and snorkel, fish, or do an offshore version of trick-or-treating, aka seashell finding. Enjoy a lovely fall sunset and celebrate Halloween like a mermaid on one of our exclusive pontoon boats.

Whatever your plans are this Halloween in Destin with this list it’s bound to be boo-tiful.