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It Takes a Destin HarborWalk Village

Going to a beach town means dolphin sightings, swimwear, and lots of sunny outdoor activity. Although this list doesn’t include a boardwalk, it should. Heck, there’s a whole song dedicated to how fun they are and, well, boardwalks and beaches, they go hand in hand. Destin, Florida has the Mecca of boardwalks. It’s so unique they dropped the board and threw it in a harbor, giving it its name “The HarborWalk Village”. With a place so big that it takes a village, how will you know what to do with your hands? Or your time for that matter? Not to worry, we’ve got just the guide to help you out.

A HarborWalk Village Guide

HarborWalk Adventure

They say every day is an adventure when you’re on vacation, but the Destin HarborWalk Adventure is the real deal. Think of all the adrenaline junkie activities you’ve been wanting to try and then put them in one place, that’s this place. What does this adventure land have? Many things. Have you ever thought about throwing yourself off a cliff or out a window, but were worried for your livelihood? Or just have always wanted to be on a rollercoaster without the coaster? Well, here’s your opportunity at HarborWalk Adventures Free Fall. Maybe that one’s not for you, not to fret as there’s more! Have you been admiring the birds lately? Wishing you just fly away? Well, do that too on their zipline. Climbing real rocks is for babies, or just hard to find in a flat state like Florida! At HarborWalk Adventure, they have a 40 ft led lit wall .. it’s lit. Maybe you’re more of a “jump around” kind of person which is perfect for the trampoline park. Have you considered walking on water? In The Aqua Sphere Adventure, you do more than consider it, you walk on it.  The Harbor Walk Adventure has something in store for everyone. Head on over with your best Indiana Jones attitude and let the staff handle the rest.

HarborWalk Theater

We know what you’re thinking, a theater?! There are so many of those around, and this ain’t your mama’s theater, but she would love it. The HarborWalk theater is a live performance theater where the magic happens, literally because their specialty is in magic shows, showcasing two world-class magicians. It’s not all about the tricks, it’s funny too! So come get hypnotized or laugh your butt off. No matter what, get ready to be spellbound and immersed in a world of enchantment.

Kitty Hawk Kites

Don’t be fooled by the name, this place does not sell kittens on hawks atop kites. Kitty Hawk Kites DOES however sell the most majestic, smooth sailing, colorful kites around with the convenience of being at the HarborWalk Village. Pick your flavor of kite and take it on the town or down to the beach. Buy a Kitty Hawk Kite and watch it soar…. And so much more. Get yourself your own Kitty Hawk gift and as they say “fly a kite”.

People Painters

You’ve got your house painters, you’ve got your car painters, but what about your People Painters? That’s right folks, these guys and gals will paint you! There’s a little rebellion in all of us and if you don’t already have tattoos or just want more, this place has the ink that you don’t have to commit to. If you’re not much of a tattoo person, People Painters has something for you too. How about turning yourself into your favorite animal? Standard face paint is available here too! Be someone else or be yourself at People Painters, you get to be whoever you want for a day.

Timberview Helicopters

In Frank Sinatra’s popular song, he says “fly me to the moon”. How about just over the emerald-green waters of Destin, Florida? Untrusting of a HarborWalk pilot? They have the reassurance you need, these trained professionals have been on flights with National Geographic and The Travel Channel, not only is the experience there but so are the views that these pilots have curated to ensure your good time. Get out there and get flying.

Beautiful Bird Friends

This spot is as straightforward as the name. The Beautiful Bird Friends bring their bird friends, and you get to meet them. There’s no other way to prove you’ve had an amazing vacation than pictures of you with a bird perched on each shoulder. Take a moment to see these real-life tweeters and even make a new feather friend.

Cartoons By Deno

Another small stop and shop in the HarborWalk Village is Cartoons By Deno. This stop is a boardwalk classic. Whether you’re on a first date, on your child’s first vacation, or not any first at all, memorialize the good times on Destin beach in a cute cartoon time capsule. Enjoy the experience of watching an artist at work then take home your personalized art.

When you’re not at the HarborWalk Village, make sure to spend a day renting one of our boats out on Crab Island, it’s an experience you won’t want to miss.

This list is not a HarborWalk Village in its entirety and things are constantly growing, so make sure to check out the website!