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Lights, Camera, Caption: Insta-worthy Spots in Destin, FL

The world of social media is among us and no one is going to want you in their algorithm if your posts are trash.

Do you want Lights Fame Fortune or maybe just a few people to be interested in what you’re posting?

There are a few rules when it comes to social media of course: you have your basic principles of photography but what it comes down to is the vibe, and you want to make sure that it’s a place that people will want to visit and share with their friends.

So where are we going to find these photogenic images to share with family and friends and whoever else is watching your feed?

The answer is undoubted – Destin, Florida.

There are always places that are trending but maybe you don’t know where the best options are.

Our Favorite Instagram-Worthy Spots in Destin, FL

Insta-Worthy Destin Dunes & Water

 Crystal Beach

Well, let us make this Crystal Clear, with water that is.

Destin’s Crystal Beach is amazing for its shimmering water that sparkles in the sunshine. Some may even ask, is that a sparkle in your eye, or is it just the crystal waters of Crystal Beach?

Let’s talk about the surrounding elements that make Destin this spot worthy of your social captures.

The dunes are perfect for all of your photos.

Crystal Beach is giving 1960s sci-fi and THAT gives YOU a insta-worthy Destin spot..

Add Some Color To Your Destin Instagram Shots

 Nantucket Rainbow Cottages

This strip of Destin land is known for its rainbow pastel-colored cottages which they call The Crab Trap.

Post up in front of one of these colorful cottages or take a stand-alone shot, either way, it’s bound to be a buzz-worthy shot.

Grab your gang and your best swimwear and head on over there.

Insta-Worthy Angles, Variety, And Options

Destin Harbor Boardwalk

What’s a place that has multiple camera-ready spots at one location for you to enjoy? The Harbor Boardwalk!

They’ve got ships, they’ve got restaurants, they’ve got bars, they’ve got it all waiting for you and your crew.

Did someone say scenery? The view is gorgeous and the elevation on the boardwalk makes for the perfect angles.

Go get entertained and make sure to capture an image of how much fun you’re having, gotta let the haters see what they’re missing!

Make sure to check out their website to see what festivities are happening and when.

This Destin boardwalk also offers a family-friendly environment and has a good nightlife scene to enjoy live music clubs.

You can relax or get hype, maybe a little of both? Either way, you’ll find a picture to brag about and you can treat yourself to some seafood or a frozen drink.

Don’t worry, we won’t judge if you go for the obnoxious neon-colored drink.

Insta-Worthy Nature Shots

Henderson Beach State Park

Maybe you want some peace and quiet while you explore and take shots around the shore.

Henderson beach state park is perfect for that.

This park is known as one of the more tame beach locations of Destin, great for capturing serenity and nature.

Among its emerald waters, this spot also has 6,000 feet of shoreline to capture.

Some elements to hone in on on their sand pines, scrub oaks, and dune rosemary.

Check out this insta-worthy spot where there are fewer people around to photobomb your pics.

Artsy Insta-Worthy Spot

The Destin Jetty

If you’re looking for a sense of surrealism, The Destin Jetty has the views for you.

This strip of beach has the perfect slim shape to make the rule of thirds and any basic principle of photography a possibility.

Get a contrasty shot of yourself or just of the view, and make sure to caption it with whatever vibe you’re picking up.

Climb on a rock for a killer view! Just, make sure to watch out for those sneaky waves, or you’ll get soaked, or maybe use that to your advantage in an action-packed shot!

Whatever you find, it will be insta-worthy.

Endless Destin Photo-Ops

The Village of Baytowne Wharf

This place is straight out of a postcard.

Adorable doesn’t even cut it. The mantra “you’d have to see it to believe it” exists here, but thankfully, you’ll get to see it to show others to believe it when you get that perfect shot.

It’s a cute little village with colorful buildings, a marina, and a bunch of shops and restaurants. You can snap some pics of the pretty buildings and then grab a drink at one of the waterfront bars. Snap a photo with your cocktail accompanied by its tiny umbrella because this area is so insta-worthy that even your drink will make the cut.

The photo opportunities are endless!

A Destin Insta-Classic

Crab Island

I know you’re expecting an island full of crabs, which would be pretty photogenic, but also potentially dangerous, so let’s just start by saying this is not an island full of crabs.

It’s so much more! What makes people like photos more than a beautiful outdoor view? People having a good time! Which is exactly what you’ll find at crab island.

The island is essentially a sandbar where you have to take an adventure on a pontoon boat to get there, which means not only do you get photos of the activity on crab island but also the journey there. Book one of our pontoon boats to get there!

Make sure to check out one of the boat vendors for food!

Just don’t get too crazy or you’ll end up in one of those viral videos.

Insta-Worthy Destin Aerial Shots


Again we’re looking for envy-worthy shots here.

What’s something that would make your high school homecoming queen Janice so jealous she has to like your photo? An image of you having a blast!

Parasailing is not only fun but it makes you look like a badass.

You aren’t just a boring beachgoer lounging in the sand, you’re an adrenaline junkie with a wild side.

Get that groundbreaking photo of you in the sky, it’ll be worth it.

There you have it, a whole gaggle of spots to liven up your feed and turn you influencer .

Get out there and snap responsibly.