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Bring The Noise With Some Beach Toys

So you’ve rented a pontoon boat and although just riding the pontoon boat is one of the most exciting experiences you can have in Destin, you may be wondering what are some things to do when on a pontoon. What should be on your list?

Well, here’s our’s.

7 of The Best Beach Toys To Bring on A Pontoon Boat in Destin

Sand Wonk

Once you’ve perched your pontoon boat near some sand, the sand wonk is where it’s at. Think zen, think beautiful to look at. The sand wonk sits perfectly on a table but also doubles as a beach toy. Have you ever owned one of those miniature zen gardens that ease your mind in the office when you need a little escape? Well, think bigger, you’re at the beach just shortly after being dropped off from a pontoon boat, and you’re tired of sandcastles but want to relax without being bored, the sand wonk it perfectly, creating the most aesthetically pleasing designs pressed into the sand to either kill time or chillax with. This toy is perfect for both adults and children and is bound to make anyone smile

Zip String

Have you ever wanted your lasso to hang in the air in a complete circle without any effort from you? We didn’t think it was possible either, or necessary really, but here we are, and to our surprise and most children’s, the zip string is rather entertaining. What do you do with it? We asked this too. SO MANY THINGS, pretend you’re a circus ringer and jump through the hoops, use it as a bow and arrow, spin things with it, heck go to their website and learn all their tricks. We never thought it would be such a hit, but it is so give it a go!


Kites are a fantastic way to enjoy the sky in all its wonder while adding to it. A simple form of entertainment that has been around since 1000 BCE. Grab your kite, head to the beach, and let that thing soar. Walk it around and show it off to other beachgoers, make it do tricks. The possibilities with a kite are endless, get one and try it out for yourself!


It’s not tennis, it’s not badminton, and it’s certainly not volleyball, but it is similar. How was this sport created? Well, its creators loved both tennis and badminton and they made a little sports baby and that baby is Jazzminton. But the best part of this game in comparison to its other cousins, is its liberty to be free of all boundaries – we’re talking about no court needed. It can be played indoors, outdoors, on a pontoon boat, anywhere really, you name it, Jazzminton is there for your distraction.

Tidal Ball

Back on a list of great game combinations is Tidal Ball. What combo is this? Cornball and Bocce Ball. The difference between this game and its former brothers and sister is that Tidal Ball is specific to the beach. Hop on that pontoon boat and hop off onto a beach where you will play. What’s that? That’s right, Tidal Ball! This game is fun but can the kids play? Heckin yes they can! So how do you play? Toss the bag like it’s a horseshoe and then use classic in-and-out net scoring. It’s as masterful as a tidal wave hence its name, and it’s beachy of course. Grab the crew and get to competing.

Beach Puddle

This beach toy is best suited for children but it doesn’t have to be just the kids having fun. We all know the term kiddie pool, but do just kids use it? Nope. If you’ve never experienced a kiddie pool in the middle of a scorching hot summer with a pack of cold beer, you don’t know what you’re missing. Beach puddles are similar but different, they are more like a puddle, as explained by its name. But why sit in a puddle when there’s a giant ocean? Well for starters, after you’ve parked that pontoon on your island you might not want to deal with sharks, or jellies. It’s safe and cool. It’s bringing the lazy river to you. Don’t take our word for it, get yourself one today!


Maybe you’ve decided the water isn’t so scary after all while on your pontoon adventure. Take the scooter out for a spin, we know what you’re thinking, well how the heck do you get a scooter through the sand?! Or the water?! Not that kind of scooter, silly. This scooter is made for underwater use and both adults and children can use it, what’s more, it can go 30 ft below the sea at 2.5 miles per hour. Get rid of that stupid swimming thing most people have to do underwater and just scoot around. Get to different sea spots faster!

Taa da! There you have it, an entire list of sea toys to keep you and your sea pack having a good time.