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What to Do in Destin in April

Of all the months in a year, April is truly the most magical. The flowers bud and the temperatures get warmer. Are you a perpetual prankster? This is your month to shine!

Although with weather like this, April never looked less foolish.

April is also the perfect time of the year to visit that sandy shore in Destin, FL.

What To Do In Destin, FL In April

Must Do April Destin Activity

Silent Disco Party Harbor Walk Village

Get silent with it! While also getting rowdy. A silent disco is the perfect Destin activity during April.

This disco is ideal for a personalized concertgoer or someone who enjoys being able to leave the show simply by removing a pair of headphones.

The Silent Disco Party is held at the Destin HarborWalk Village, allowing for some shopping time beforehand.

The disco starts in the evening and you’ll dance to your own rhythm with LED-lit headphones right next to the water.

Get your groove on and dance like no one knows what you’re listening to, because they won’t unless you tell them.

Destin Family Fun In April

Under The Sea Family Event The Harbor Walk

Are you about that pirate life? Did I hear an “Arr Matey”!?

Well, you’re about to be, Destin HarborWalk holds a little treasure hunt.

This quest doesn’t just involve treasure, it also showcases majestic mermaids.

If you have smaller children there’s something for them too with their “little adventures mobile outpost station” where there will be games and animals to touch.

It’s an experience for people of all ages so bring the whole family. Perfect for your Destin April trip

Fireworks In April

Boomin’ Tuesday Baytowne Wharf

It may not be July but if it’s a Tuesday, it’s the right time to whip out the fireworks. 

Get distracted by the bewitching light show or move those hips to DJ Mike Whitty, and boy is his music “whitey”.

Tuesdays are the time to get while the gettins hot.

The event is held off the lagoon and it’s free!

There are plenty of restaurants around for when you get hungry with your jumping and jiving.

Go ahead and see something that’s a sight for sore eyes.

Unique April Destin Festival

Kitty Hawk Kite Festival

Think of the days when you were young, making clouds into shapes, running across the sandy beaches, you know, what dreams were made of.

If you ever played with a kite you might remember the joy it brought.

The kitty hawk kite festival will bring back your inner child on a day when you get to relive that moment with hundreds of other people.

The sight of this festival is truly magical with all kinds of kites ranging from big to small.

The colorful kites will make you feel like you’re floating in outer space.

Make sure to check out the Kitty Hawk Kite Store so you can get in on the action with your own kite.

Get Some Seasonal Produce In April From The Destin Community

 Grand Blvd Farmers Market

Sure there are grocery stores but have you ever been to a local market? Ok, then you know… or maybe you don’t.

The farmers market is the top tier of groceries, its homemade goods, local farm produce, and artisan soaps make it feel personalized.

This is the kind of feel-good shopping that you need in your life.

Any chocolate lovers out there?

The market has homemade chocolate and it never tasted so good.

Of all the things in this market you might not think of crab cakes but they have those too and they’re delicious.

Do yourself a favor and help the community out with your presence and purchases.

Destin Music In April

 Rock The Docks

It’s time to rock out beach style, Harbor Walk has the most rock-till-you-drop rock-out you’ve ever seen.

At the Rock The Docks concert series, you will see both local and out-of-town musicians.

For this event, you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank; this concert is free!

Enjoy the ocean breeze and a lot of high C’s.

Watch A Movie Outdoors In Destin

Movie Monday

Here in Destin, there’s an event for every day.

Mondays are for movies! Not just any kind of movie experience though.

This movie theater is outdoors!

Also, unlike those spendy theaters that will charge an arm and a leg for some popcorn, this movie is free, all they ask is that you bring your own seating arrangement.

Classic Destin April Activity: Rent A Waverunner

April is the perfect weather in Destin, not too hot, not too cold.

You’re going to want to be on the water.

How about gliding across the water, as fast as you want, (per speed limit of course)?

Rent yourself a jet ski.

Feel the ocean breeze across your face, and say hi to a dolphin or a human on a boat.

Laugh your butt off while enjoying the ride, let’s face it, you need this in your life.

Don’t waste your life wondering what a jet ski could do for you.

April might be known for its showers but around Destin, it’s known for its vacation super powers so go ahead and book that flight.