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Your Guide To A Family Vacation In Destin

Planning a family excursion to Florida? Destin might be the absolute best beach town for you and the kiddos. With a combination of gorgeous beaches, an active nightlife, and kid-friendly activities, you can’t go wrong if you decide to spend the week in Destin.

Here’s your ultimate family vacation guide to help you plan a stress-free beach trip to Destin, FL.

Family Activities in Destin

Many families choose Destin for their annual outing. The combination of beach vibes and small-city charm make it perfect for every generation. And it’s not as built up as larger beach destinations, so you won’t have to worry quite as much about logistics, traffic, and high prices.

If you’ve decided on Destin as your family destination this year, then it’s never too early to start planning out your itinerary. These activities are perfect for all ages – including parents and grandparents!

  • Play a round of mini golf: it’s just enough activity for everyone in the family to get involved.
  • Rent a pontoon boat from Destin Water Fun: get everyone out on the water for an afternoon of dolphin-spotting and snorkeling.
  • Check out the Destin History & Fishing Museum: the ideal rainy day activity.
  • Visit the Biophilia Center: within easy driving distance, this is a unique experience that you probably don’t have in your own home town.
  • Rent a jetski: if your kids are old enough, this is the ultimate activity for memorable family fun in Destin.

You may not fit all of these into your schedule, but if you book two or three, you’ll have a few little adventures to look forward to once you arrive.

Kid-friendly Things to Do in Destin, FL

If you have young kids, then you’re going to want to plan out some special activities just for them.

  • Spend a whole day at the beach: adults get to relax, kids get to make those memories jumping between waves and building sand castles.
  • Take them to the Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park: when the youngsters get tired of hanging out on the beach, take them to this charming water park for a few hours to let them burn some energy.
  • Rent Go Karts: the ideal back-up plan if you catch a rainy day.
  • Go to Crab Island: it’s a sand bar located just off-shore, and if you rent a pontoon boat for the day, you can easily venture out to Crab Island for several hours of snorkeling in the shallow waters.

Fortunately, Destin is full of things to do with kids. This list is just the beginning!

Is Destin Family-Friendly?

If you’re still asking yourself whether Destin, Florida is appropriate for families, the answer is yes: the town of Destin is perfectly suited for kids of all ages. Unlike some larger resorts and beach towns, the atmosphere in Destin is relaxed and casual. As an added bonus, Destin is a relatively easy town to get around: you don’t have to worry about sky-high ride share fares or complicated public transportation to get to all of your activities.

So you can rest assured that the beaches of Destin, Florida will be an ideal destination for your family. You’ll find the perfect balance of outdoor time and fun for the youngsters, as well as classy bars and restaurants for the adults if you want to plan a date night.

Tips for Planning A Memorable Family Vacation

These family trips to the beach are going to stay with your children forever. These are the times when you get to make memories, and really get to enjoy every moment with your kids.

Of course, as much as you look forward to family vacations, the idea of planning a trip and being away from home for several days may feel stressful. With these tips, you can reduce anxiety and maximize fun.

Research the area where you’ll be staying.

You don’t want any surprises the day you arrive at your hotel or AirBnB. The last thing you need after a long day of traveling is to find out that your accommodations are not what you expected.

So do a little research ahead of time. Is it close to the kid-friendly activities you’d planned? Convenient location saves you time and money you might otherwise spend on transportation.

Finally, before booking the room, look at the street view in Google Maps to make sure it looks like a safe area.

Build in free time for yourself.

So many parents are so focused on keeping their kids entertained, they sacrifice their own enjoyment. But it’s your vacation, too.

Plan to get a little time to yourself. Hit the beach solo for an hour before dinner, or book an appointment at a local spa to really feel like you had a relaxing vacation!

Make a packing list.

Over-packers, we’re looking at you: write out your list of must-haves beforehand, and stick to it. Check off your items as you go. When you’re packing for both yourself and little ones, it’s easy to forget what you’ve packed, and throw a duplicate in – which just means you end up with more things to unload, re-pack, and wash when you get home.

A checklist of necessities means less stress for you the night before you leave.

Decide where you’ll be eating.

Make a list of kid-friendly restaurants and make brunch or dinner reservations in advance. Then, create a grocery shopping list so you know you’ll have the essentials in stock.

Book your activities in advance.

Schedule a pontoon boat rental or other water sport rental well in advance, at the same time you book your hotel. Once you know which activities you’re doing and when, it’ll be easier for you to schedule additional activities, meals, and relaxation time.

Plus, if you plan out a few excursions ahead of time, you’ll be able to get the kids pumped up for their trip. The only thing better than looking forward to a vacation, is looking forward to a vacation that includes a pontoon boat rental, water park, and Go Karts.

Hopefully this guide has helped you plan the perfect family vacation in Destin. Once your schedule is set and your room is booked, start looking forward to your beach trip!