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Everything You Need to Know about Pontoon Boats

Pontoon boats are one of the most popular vessels for water tours and day rentals. They’re comfortable for large and small groups, safe, and allow everyone to get a 360-degree view of the ocean around them.

If you’re getting ready to book your tour, here’s everything you need to know about pontoon boats – and a few reasons why they’re so ideal for a day-long rental on your next beach vacation.

Destin Water Fun - 2014 Encore Bentley Pontoon Boat for rent

What is a pontoon boat?

Pontoon boats are relatively flat and low-lying. Their design allows for a lot of deck and seating space, which makes it comfortable for people to lounge, stand, sun-bathe, and move around – even for several hours at a time. All of that comfortable, open-air space makes these boats perfect for public tours and casual excursions. Because of the way they’re built, they offer passengers uninterrupted views of the sea.

The motors used in pontoon boats are also relatively quiet. Anyone who’s spent more than a couple of hours on a speedboat, fan boat, or any other vessel with a noisy engine can appreciate how much more relaxing a quiet ocean environment can be.

So it’s no surprise that pontoon boats have grown in popularity and are now one of the most standard and reliable boats for public sunset cruises, dolphin tours, and more.

Types of pontoon boats

While all pontoon boats will share the same basic design and features, they do have some variations. Some are uncovered, while others are partially or fully covered to offer guests some shade. They also come in booth single- and double-decker styles. Double-decker pontoon boats are sometimes used for larger groups; some may prefer this design since you can get up a little higher, and get a slightly broader view of the sealife surrounding you.

As an added bonus, some double decker pontoons even come with a slide – yes, you read that right. So you don’t have to book a fancy cruise to hop on a waterslide at sea. If this is a must-have for you, then call your pontoon rental company in advance to reserve a double decker pontoon with a slide.

Pontoon boat rentals in Destin, FL

If you want to get out on the ocean while you’re in Destin, Florida, you have plenty of options to choose from. There are guided tours, which have a pre-set start and end time; these can be public, private, or semi-private. You also have the option to rent your own pontoon boat, which allows you the freedom to go wherever you please, on your own schedule (as long as you return the boat on time, of course). And as a middle ground, you may also choose to rent a boat along with a professional captain, so you have all the benefits of a day at sea without the responsibility of driving and navigating.

For small groups and families, a pontoon rental is often the way to go. It offers the right amount of flexibility and freedom. And Destin is the ideal place to get out on the water and look for dolphins. The beaches of Destin come with gorgeous weather and waters clear enough to see the tropical fish zooming around you. A pontoon boat rental allows you and your family to get the full Florida experience and see it all at your own pace.

Be sure to select a rental company that has solid reviews, and takes pride in maintaining clean, safe equipment. Destin Water Fun is one of the best and most reliable boat rental companies in the Destin harbor. With Destin Water Fun, you can bring up to 10 people on your pontoon boat. You can rent the boat for a half or full-day. And if you’re not entirely comfortable driving  the boat yourself, you can even hire a professional, certified boat captain to guide you.

‘What to look for in a pontoon boat

If you rent a pontoon boat, there may be certain amenities that make the trip even more enjoyable for you. You may want to look for the following options:

  • Waterproof stereo: you may decide you need some Jimmy Buffet in the background to complete your boating experience (and you wouldn’t be the first).
  • Plenty of space: check that your boat will have enough seating four your whole group, plus some extra storage for a cooler and sunscreen.
  • Cushioned seats: keep in mind that you’ll be at sea for several hours; comfortable, padded seats can make a world of difference.
  • A sun deck: you probably decided to come to Destin for the sun; so max out on the rays while you’re at sea (or even take a quick nap while you’re on the water).
  • Cup holders: no one should have to worry about a spilled drink when you pick up speed.

Destin Water Fun offers these amenities and more with each of their pontoon boat rentals. Sometimes, the smallest conveniences make the biggest difference; so make sure you reserve a boat that gives you and your travel buddies maximum comfort and leisure. It’s vacation, after all.

Pontoon boat facts you probably didn’t know

When you started out looking for a boat rental in Destin, you probably didn’t even know you were looking for a pontoon. But pontoon boats are popular for a reason. Here are just a few of the little-known pontoon boat facts that make them the best type of boat for families to rent at the beach.

  • The motors are quiet. Even when you’re cruising at 10 or 15 mph, you can still easily hold a conversation without raising your voice. It’s nice to actually hear your beach vacay Spotify playlist.
  • Pontoon boats are safe. They’re built to be comfortable and stable, even for a group of 8 or more people. If you rent from a reputable company, your pontoon boat will be fully equipped with all the standard safety equipment.
  • They’re easy to drive. Most adults who have driven a car will find that driving a pontoon boat is actually very similar. They’re designed to be pretty hassle-free, so you can cruise around without worrying about learning how to use fancy equipment.
  • They’re one of the most comfortable boats available. If you’ve had the experience of curling up into a small boat cabin, rest assured: it’s a totally different experience on a pontoon boat. You’ll be able to stretch your legs and enjoy the breeze.

Ready to book your pontoon boat rental?

If you’re going to Destin, reserve your pontoon boat in advance – tours and boat rentals often fill up quickly, especially during peak tourist weeks. And this is one of those activities that will bring you all the relaxation, ocean vibes, and tan lines that you’ve been craving from your beach trip. Pack a boat bag and flip flops, and enjoy your time on the waves.