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Where to Stay in Destin

Destin, Florida is full of gorgeous ocean views, thrilling watersport rentals, and fun bars and restaurants.

So choose a place to stay where you can easily enjoy it all.

If you’re planning your Destin vacation, here are some of the best places to stay for a night, weekend, or extended stay.

Best Hotels in Destin

Destin has grown over the years, and now offers many delightful and affordable hotels. Here are just a few that made our list of the best hotels in the greater Destin area.

  • The Palms of Destin Resort: a beautiful pool and clean, modern accommodations make this hotel a great pick for families and large groups.
  • Holiday Inn Express, Commons Mall Area: affordable and reliable, Holiday Inn Express is a perfect option for families that are looking for a cozy room with a pool and even complimentary breakfast.
  • Henderson Beach Resort: the chic rooms, inviting pool area, and balcony views make this hotel  worth the extra cash.
  • Enclave by Vacasa: just a short walk from Destin beach is the charming Enclave by Vacasa, ideal for romantic beach getaways.
  • Club Destin: close to plenty of shops and restaurants, Club Destin is conveniently located and great even for longer stays – select rooms come with their own kitchenette.

Any of these hotels would serve as a comfortable and safe place for families or couples. Ultimately, the choice is up to you: research the accommodations and immediate surroundings to choose the right lodging for you.

Beachfront Hotels in Destin

For some, a beach vacation isn’t complete unless you can actually see the ocean from your room. Fortunately, Destin is full of breathtaking views, and luxurious hotels in which to enjoy them.

Here are a few of the stand-out beachfront hotels in the Destin area.

  • Emerald Grande at HarborWalk Village: Complete with a pool and true resort vibes, many of the rooms at this hotel come with their own private balcony and views of the beach.
  • Pelican Beach Resort: you can’t get any closer to the ocean than this; and as an added bonus, you’ll be close to plenty of watersports and jet ski rentals.
  • Sterling Shores Beach Resort: get the best of both worlds with a private, secluded feel while still being walking distance from the action.
  • The Inn at Crystal Beach: this hotel is right on the beach, and only minutes from the shops and dining of downtown Destin.
  • Mainsail Resort: get into full-on vacation mode with this well-appointed hotel with beach views.

It’s not a complete list, but these are just a few of the inviting waterfront hotels you can choose from in Destin, Florida. With views of that blue ocean and clean, white sand, you can’t go wrong.

Choosing a place to stay

Clearly you have many options to choose from in Destin. If you’re torn, follow a few simple tips to narrow down your list and choose the right hotel for you.

Pick a convenient location. What does your family enjoy doing most on vacation? If there are a lot of beach bums in your crew, then it might be worth it to shell out for a hotel on the beach. If shopping or nightlife is your jam, then pick accordingly.

Don’t blow your budget. Save money to enjoy activities like renting a pontoon boat or a jet ski.

Consider the amenities that are most important to you. Whether you’re all about laying by the pool or you plan to hit the gym every morning, check photos before booking your reservation so you know what to expect from the facilities.

Always check reviews. Some budget hotels are surprisingly charming, while there are luxury results that end up being disastrous when you arrive. The truth often lies in the reviews.

Hotels vs. Short-Term Rentals in Destin

You may want to consider a short-term rental in addition to hotels. There are plenty of AirBnB’s in the Destin area.

Whether you prefer a hotel or short-term rental is a personal decision. Some prefer the predictability of a hotel: if you’re used to staying at a certain hotel chain, you know exactly what you’re getting when you arrive. Others prefer to get a more “local” experience and try a short-term rental. You may also want to consider price, amenities, and of course, availability.

Price: Prices for AirBnB’s in the Destin area are now often equal to or even more than the price of  a hotel room. So if price is a deciding factor, it might be easier for you to find a decent hotel room rather than a short-term rental.

Amenities: While some AirBnB’s do offer amenities like a pool or grill, those amenities are often shared – and there’s no guarantee that those features will be kept in the best condition. If you’re someone who likes the convenience of a gym down the hall and a hot tub that’s guaranteed to be sanitized and in working order, then you’re probably a hotel person.

Availability: If you’re visiting Destin during a peak tourist season, then you may be limited by availability. Hotels are more likely to have available rooms simply due to the sheer number of hotel rooms available compared to AirBnB’s.

Destin Neighborhoods

When you’re researching places to stay in Destin, you might want to consider choosing one of the more popular neighborhoods.

  • Downtown Destin: if you like to check out the scene after a day on the beach, then this is the place for you.
  • Santa Rosa Beach: this is a relatively quiet community where beach-lovers will get plenty of time in the sand without the interruption of live events and party-goers.
  • Miramar Beach: you’ll find plenty of watersports, shopping, and even a golf range in Miramar.

Destin activities

Once you decide on the perfect place to stay, get out there and enjoy the waves!

Rent a pontoon boat and visit Crab Island, or try renting a jet ski for a few hours. No matter where you stay or which water sport rental you pick, you’re bound to have an epic time while you’re in Destin.