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Fall Break Vacations in Destin & More

It’s just about pumpkin spice season again. And as much as you may love sweater weather and bonfires, for many of us, it still feels like summer flew by a little too quickly this year. It just seems like there should be more time to kick back, take a few days off  work, and have one last hurrah before we have to get our puffer coats out of storage.

So let’s bring back fall break: after all, why should spring break get all the fun?

Fall break isn’t just for students. Anyone who’s craving one last adventure before summer ends should make a point to plan out a trip to mark the change of seasons.

So read on to see our list of the top fall break destinations. You’re bound to get inspired, and start dreaming about Fall Break 2022.

#1: Destin, FL

The south is the ideal place to spend your fall break. The water is still warm enough to float around for hours, and the mid-day sun will actually be much more pleasant than it is in July.

Fall break in Destin comes with sunshine, great seafood, and beautiful views.

Destin, Florida might actually be the best destination in the U.S. to visit from September – November. The Florida coast stays warm well into late fall, and if you visit in September or early October, you’re likely to get pretty warm water temps, too.

Destin, specifically, tends to be less crowded than larger Florida cities like Miami and Palm Beach. That typically means more affordable hotels and AirBNBs – plus, it’s easier to find a perfect spot on the beach to spread your towels, set up a few beach chairs, and call it a day. So for those of you who are looking for a relaxing beach vacation towards the end of summer, Destin might be the perfect spot.

Things to do in Destin:

For the ultimate vacay vibes, rent a boat. Boat rentals in Destin are actually very affordable, and it makes for a perfect ocean excursion for you and your family. Your best bet is to rent a pontoon boat for a few hours, or the whole day.

If you choose a well-regarded Destin boat rental company, you’ll learn how to safely navigate your boat, and then you’ll get to enjoy the sand and sea with your family and friends – all without the hassle of scheduling your day around specific tour times. You might even see dolphins!

Destin is also great for snorkeling. You can rent gear or buy your own. And in Florida, the ocean water will be warm enough for you to snorkel for hours on end without catching a chill.

And of course, you need to leave time for yourself to lounge by the beach and soak up those last summer rays.

With all that beach time, your fall break in Destin, FL is bound to be a memorable one.

#2: New Orleans, LA

Fall is one of the best times to visit New Orleans. You’ll be able to walk around, shop, stop by a rooftop pool, and enjoy some refreshing drinks on a balcony – all without melting in the heat. If you’re planning a trip to the Crescent City in October or November, you’ll see the absolute best of New Orleans.

Things to do in New Orleans:

If you’re into Halloween, you absolutely must catch the big New Orleans Halloween parade. You’ll see some of the most creative costumes you’ve ever witnessed, and you’ll probably catch some free stuff to remember the experience!

If you’re curious about the bayou, try a swamp boat tour. If you go while the weather’s still warm, you’re likely to see alligators, wild pigs, and more

And fall is the best time to wander the streets of the French Quarter and Jackson Square. Complete with fortune tellers, historic homes, and real-life haunted houses, it’s an experience you can’t find in any other city.

#3: Zion National Park

Zion is picturesque year-round, but if you want to beat the crowds and still be comfortable, fall is your best bet. Temperatures are typically in the 60’s and 70’s through October, so it’s perfect for hiking. And you’ll be able to capture all those iconic photos without having to jostle your way through crowds of tourists.

Things to do at Zion National Park:

Zion offers breathtaking hiking trails and mountain biking expeditions.  Whether on foot or bike-riding with a guided tour, those mountain views can’t be matched anywhere else in the U.S.

You can also go camping nearby, or rent a cabin near the park. Just keep in mind that if you go in late fall, you may want to pack a few blankets – temperatures drop significantly after the sun goes down!

#4: Ozark Mountains, Arkansas

If fall foliage is your thing, then schedule a trip to the Ozarks. You’ll see some of the most gorgeous fall colors on display – and you’ll be able to do all the outdoorsy things without breaking a sweat.

Things to do in the Ozarks:

When you need to rest your legs from all that hiking, try a local winery. You don’t need to go all the way to California for the ultimate wine-tasting experience. There are several charming wineries right in Arkansas.

To celebrate fall, you can also visit a good old fashioned pumpkin patch. Make some memories with the kids, and if you want to go into full fall mode, enjoy some fresh apple cider while you’re at it.

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, Arkansas has some amazing caves. Go on a guided tour and explore some of the most impressive caves in the country.

Plan the perfect fall break for you

Whether you’re a beach hum, history buff, hiker, or camper, the ideal fall break destination is out there. And if you’re not quite ready to close out summer, then it’s time to bring back Fall Break.

Book your flight and pack your bags. A fall trip might be just the thing you need to finish off summer before heading into the holidays.