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Destin: Off the Beaten Path

Destin life is typically for the beaches, the boats and the sand, but maybe you’re interested in something unique, you’re “not a regular mom, you’re a cool mom,” or not even a mom at all just cool as a cucumber and looking for something new.

So let’s give you a list of cool mom/people things to do in Destin.

You’ll definitely gain some cool points with the kids.

There is so much to do off the beaten path in Destin. And by “off the beaten path”, we mean (mostly) off the water.

History Off the Beaten Path: The Air Force Armament Museum

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, nope it’s a museum for the Airforce Arment.

This museum has a lot to offer and… it’s free!

If you ever found yourself quoting Ricky Bobby in Talladega Nights by saying “I wanna go fast,” this museum has the showcase for you with the fastest plane ever built from WW2.

The Air Force Armament Museum is home to four aircraft and an array of missiles and rockets. Aside from all the memorabilia, the museum has plenty of interactive displays to keep you entertained.

Above all, the museum does what they do best and that is educating you on the various wars that occurred and the weapons that were used during that time.

Join in on the action and see what people were flying in back in the day.

Dining Off the Beaten Path: Uncle Buck’s FishBowl and Grill

This place gives a whole new meaning to swimming in a fish bowl.

The aesthetic alone brings a sense of childlike wonder from down under. You can expect fish heads and an under-the-sea vibe.

 What’s more for mom is their delicious and unique cocktails, whether you’re in the mood for a giant fish bowl or a mango morada colada, this spot has your flavor.

Don’t worry about being hungry, they have delicious food too, from giant pretzels to pickle chips, these tasty treats are sure to fill you up for your next strike.

The bowling, of course, is the highlight of this spot. Challenge your friends and family to a game while sipping your favorite beverage.

Where there are games, drinks, and food, you’re certain to have an amazing time!

Shopping Off the Beaten Path:  Fort Walton Beach Flea Market

Come to the land of weird leftover items from Florida men and women everywhere at this Destin-Fort Walton Beach area flea market.

This market is inside, which is perfect for waiting out the Florida sunshine showers and staying away from Florida’s little predators, aka bugs.

The 9000-square-foot market is home to 70-plus vendors. At the market, you can expect to find things like antiques, vintage clothing, jewelry, coins, or even furniture.

Find your hidden treasure at this affordable shop.

Playing Off the Beaten Path:  Fat Daddy’s Arcade

Play games all day and fun the not fun away!

Destin’s Fat Daddy’s Arcade has over 120 of the newest arcade games. This arcade also has games like Walking Dead, Jurassic Park, Smashline, Fruit Ninja, and many more.

Take this opportunity to annihilate your arcade buddy in a friendly arcade game or check out the go-cart area where even kids can get their hands on a steering wheel.

Be sure to check out their play-to-win deal before you leave, where you can play to win!

Flying Off the Beaten Path:  Destin Helicopters

Depending on the generation from which you emanate, you might be familiar with the song lyric “I want to get away, I want to fly away.” We want that for you.

Take a boujie helicopter tour of the city.

This adventure makes for a perfect date or even a bonding experience with close friends or family.

The helicopter company has chartered flights for National Geographic and The Travel Channel before, so you know you’re in good hands.

These pilots know exactly where to fly you for the best views of Destin and the Emerald Coast.

Come be “on top of the world” or at least Destin on a joy ride above.

A Little Break: Emerald Coast Wine Cellars

Sometimes, mom needs a break.

Spend a day keeping calm and winning at this Emerald Coast wine cellar that holds lush muscadine wines.

This cellar has been open since 2001 and get this, their wine tastings are FREE!

All wines are produced and bottled by their sister store which is located in DeFuniak Springs, Florida.

This winery has won multiple awards and the vineyard itself, which was planted back in 1979, has more than 50 acres of muscadine vines.

Bring your favorite wino, sip, and enjoy.

Get Artsy Off The Beaten Path: Mattie Kelly Arts Foundation

Get artsy by exploring this arts foundation named after a longtime local art supporter.

You’re probably wondering who Mattie Kelly is, she was a native Floridian and had a degree in the Arts and English.

Mattie and her family were some of the founders of Destin and had purchased what is now Destin Harbor.

Mattie and her husband were most notably looked at as helping to set the stage for the tourism and fishing industry. This was not the only thing Mattie contributed to of course, she was a lifelong patron of the arts and even created and shared her poems, piano, and organ playing.

The foundation itself was created in 1995 and is a hub for artists to this day.

Go on over and support the arts!

Not So Off The Beaten Path: Pontoon Boat Rental To Crab Island

Everyone and their mother wants to take a cruise around the gulf, but if you want something truly special, rent a pontoon and head out to Crab Island.

Make wonderful memories and stay away from crowded cruises filled with people who aren’t on the same wavelength.

A private pontoon excursion promises an experience unique to you and those who are aboard with you.

Get on out there captain out for a day.

Or let us do it for you!

Destin Water Fun now offers chartered pontoon boats.

Come to Destin and take an adventure off the typical beaten path that a simple normie might go down, and experience the truly unique places unknown to most.