Destin Charter Fishing

Destin Charter Fishing with Xtreme Fishing Charters In Destin, FL

Destin Charter Fishing

BIG Fun with Destin Charter Fishing.

At Xtreme Fishing Charters, we offer deep sea, bay, and bottom fishing. Don’t miss out on the most awesome fishing experience the Gulf of Mexico has to offer. Cobia and Kingfish are roaming too, so you will be sure to have a great time.

We love fishing more than you do. That is why we charter fish for a living. It’s not just a paycheck or a job. We do this because we love it more than everyone else. You will always have a captain ready to share that experience with you.

The only thing we find better than catching that next big fish, is putting YOU and your family, or friends on that next big fish. We want you to experience that fun and passion that we have loved for many years.

Bottom Fishing Charter Experience with Xtreme Fishing Charters

While bottom fishing over deep wrecks, we will catch red snapper, amber jack, gag grouper, scamp grouper, vermillion snapper, cobia, triggerfish, and many other species of fish.

On good days, the moment your weight hits the bottom, you get ready to reel, because they are going to be biting on it. It is literally that fast! 2-3 seconds and you are reeling, fighting fish, and yelling “FISH ON”!

We also keep a fly line out with the most lively bait swimming free for those 50,60 even 70 lb. cobia to start spooling that reel for one heck of a fight. The free line will catch cobia, king fish, wahoo, mahi-mahi, barracuda, and even even sharks.

What To Expect On Your Destin Charter Bottom Fishing Experience

With our fleet of Destin charter fishing boats, your day will start out with action packed bait catching experience. We catch our bait with rod and reels first thing in the morning. We catch 4-6 baits at a time using sibiki rigs. We will spend about 45 minutes catching 75-100 live baits. With all the action we hope to have, this will be enough.

Also, catching bait is a blast for the kids. It is so action packed and happens so fast, they just love it. With a live-well full of live bait and the 50-75 cut baits we already have prepared for you, we will be set. We will take you to premium private numbers off shore to catch as many red snappers, amber jacks,  groupers, and as many other species as your arms can handle.

Our private GPS coordinates have some of the best schooling fish you can drop down on. If you have to wait more than 45 seconds to get a bite, we need to move, because our spots are usually bountiful. Our job isn’t done until you can’t feel your arms anymore!

Trolling with Destin Charter Fishing

After leaving the reefs, many of our anglers troll an assortment of spoons. We run deep-running plugs, jigs, live baitfish, or fresh bait to entice mackerel, cobia, wahoo, mahi, tuna and other species. Some anglers maximize their time by trolling when transitioning from one reef to another. Trolling can also reveal an undiscovered secret honey hole. Trolling with deep-running plugs or downriggers can put big grouper or amberjack into the boat.

If we find a good rip or weed line, we’ll put out a trolling spread to see what’s there, We might find some king mackerel, blackfin tuna or get lucky and catch a wahoo. We’ll also keep an eye out for tripletail, cobia or mahi.

While trolling from spot to spot, also we watch for targets of opportunity. Cobia, mahi, and tripletail (also called blackfish), frequently drift with floating debris or hang around channel buoys and cruise weed lines. Sometimes we see diving birds that could indicate a school of predators chasing baitfish enticing us to investigate.

Despite stiff regulations and reduced limits for many species, anglers can still load a boat and enjoy a great day on the water if they remain flexible. We bring an assortment of rods and baits for any opportunity that may arise. You never know what might bite on the other end of that line! YOU BETTER BE READY!!!!!

Destin Charter Fishing Gear & Equipment Provided

Let Xtreme Fishing Charters share with you an awesome experience and fill you with a lifetime of memories. We use only the top-of-the-line gear with only top-of-the-line fluorocarbon leader material and Owner hooks.

You will be fishing with the personal gear collection of our elite fishing Captains, not the usual run of the mill, big box store, close-out gear other charters have you using just to save a penny. We want you to have the maximum amount of fun when you call us for a charter fishing boat in Destin, FL!


Rates for Private Fishing Charters: $150 – $200/hr with a 4 hour MINIMUM.

*5-6 people may be allowed on the vessel with an additional fee.

Please note that we book for private fishing charters and each captain owns their own business and runs at their own rates that they give us to advertise to customers.

Service Personnel Discount

Military, Law Enforcement, and Teachers all receive 10% discount on their pontoon boat rentals. Thank you for your dedication!

*Price includes fuel, but not 6% sales tax. Prices are subject to change.

To Reserve, Call (850) 898-1204
Located at 214 Harbor Blvd, Destin, FL 32541

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